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Interlock Shop are a Brisbane based supplier and installer of driver prevention devices based on driver alcohol detection.

An ignition interlock device is a mechanism installed within a vehicle and works like a breathalyzer, in that the driver must breathe into the device for it to measure their blood alcohol content (BAC). If the driver’s BAC is above the pre-determined or designated legal limit – the vehicle will not start.

Guardian Install & Service

What’s involved?

Alcohol ignition interlocks

An alcohol ignition interlock is a breath test device linked to the ignition system of a vehicle. The interlock is designed to prevent a vehicle from starting if the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeds zero. The ignition interlock is designed to deter and prevent convicted drink drivers from operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol.

Drivers must provide a breath sample that the interlock analyses for the presence of alcohol before the vehicle will start. As alcohol takes time to be absorbed into a person’s blood stream, an interlock device may not stop a driver from starting the vehicle. Therefore, the interlock also requires additional breath tests at random intervals during the journey.

To complete the program you must hold a valid driver licence with an ‘I’ condition (for ‘interlock’) on it and have an approved interlock fitted to a nominated vehicle for a minimum period of 12 months.

An interlock driver apprehended by the police with a reading over zero BAC will be charged with drink driving. You will be subject to the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program if you are convicted of any of these offences:

  • driving under the influence of alcohol
  • a drink driving offence with a blood/breath alcohol concentration of 0.15 or more
  • failing to provide a blood/breath specimen for analysis
  • dangerous driving while affected by alcohol
  • 2 or more drink driving offences of any kind within a 5-year period.

If you choose not to have an approved interlock fitted, you will not be able to legally drive a motor vehicle for 2 years after your disqualification period ends.

Driving with an alcohol ignition interlock

You may only drive a nominated vehicle that is fitted with an approved interlock, while holding a valid driver licence with an ‘I’ condition. You must not have any alcohol in your system while driving.

Other drivers, such as family members, may drive the vehicle with the interlock installed. These drivers must also check their BAC by blowing into the ignition interlock. If the driver’s BAC is over the pre-set level the engine will not start. There are measures in place to ensure the interlock cannot be bypassed by having another person start the vehicle for the interlock driver.

Getting an alcohol ignition interlock

Step 1. Apply for your licence

Once your disqualification period ends, you will need to

You will need to bring:

You will be issued with a probationary licence with an ‘I’ condition on it. 

Step 2.  Contact Interlock Shop

You will need to arrange to have an interlock installed in your nominated vehicle and you will have to pay for all costs including the installation, rental, servicing and removal of your interlock. You cannot buy and install your own interlock.

You may be eligible for a discount on the costs if you hold a valid health care card issued by the Australian Government.

For more information, contact us:

Interlock Shop
Phone: 07 3252 2249



Step 3. Nominate your vehicle

You will need to give the provider a completed vehicle nomination form (F4841). You can only drive the vehicle you have nominated.

If you drive a company vehicle, you will need to gain your employer’s permission for an interlock to be installed in that vehicle so that you can legally drive it.

Your employer will need to sign the vehicle nomination form (F4841) before you give the form to your chosen interlock provider.




Step 4. Ring for Appointment

Contact us at Interlock Shop by either ringing 07 3252 2249 OR by emailing us at

Bookings are generally two to three days in advance unless a cancellation has occurred.
All vehicles must be delivered to our workshop by no later than 8.30am – unless prior arrangements have been made.

You will be contacted on completion of your installation. Most installations are completed same day although if unforeseen circumstances arise we do recommend you have alternate transport arrangements in place.

Step 5. Training/Documentation

After installation is completed you will be required to complete additional documentation and practical training on how the device works and operates. For more information we recommend viewing the WR3 User Guide online by clicking HERE.

We also recommend you make yourself familiar with the WR3 User Guide Booklet prior to onsite training.

For a PDF copy please CLICK HERE

Step 6. Monitoring & Servicing

30 days after installation you will be required to return for your first monitoring service.

You will then be required to return for monitoring every 60 days until the end of your program.



QLD Interlock Fee Schedule Jan 2017

Installation & Removal Charges

Standard Installation (2 hour install, including training)  $192.00
Additional labour  $ 99.00 (p/h)
DTS Sensor (diesels only) (purchase)  $120.00
PTS Sensor (stopstart etc) (purchase)  $120.00
Removal & Reinstall   $271.70

Removal Charges & Extras

Removal Fee  $110.00
Monthly Fee (includes interlock rental, monitoring for 30 days)   $162.75
(Note: Compulsory 60 day monitoring period after the first 30 days)
Violation Reset   $71.50
Missed appointment   $40.00

Fees can also be incurred for unscheduled services such as early recalls and violation resets as well as damage to equipment. There is an optional loss protection plan available for $8.14 per 30 day period, which limits liability for up to $250 provided the client meets terms and conditions. All prices include GST. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Guardian Install & Service

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