Auto Air Conditioning

Interlock Shop also offer 20+ years of expertise in all areas of automotive air conditioning.

You can choose to have Interlock shop service and fix any auto air conditioning issues you may have at the time of your interlock installation. Or we can book you in for a separate service to look into why your air conditioning is taking so long to get cold or why its emitting a nasty odour.

Remember… we’re just a call away and no job is too small or large for us to fix!

Auto Air Conditioning
Auto Air Conditioning

Interlock Shop – Auto Air Conditioning

If you have any issues with your cars air conditioning – you should have it serviced immediately. The Interlock Shop is your ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for any Air Conditioning needs.

The Interlock shop is fully qualified and certified with over 25+ years of experience, so if your vehicles air conditioning is struggling to stay cold, emitting and odour or just doesn’t work, then contact us at the Interlock Shop.


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